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For All Your Residential Plumbing Needs 

Firkus Plumbing is the answer for Bend and the surrounding Central Oregon areas looking for superb service and an all-in-one solution for their plumbing & mechanical needs. Firkus customers receive the quality workmanship they’ve come to expect and the friendly service they deserve.


As a family owned company we live and work in the Bend area. We’re your neighbors. Your happiness is important to us. We back up our work with a written warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. We offer a great value for all your plumbing needs.


Firkus Plumbing Services Include:

Not sure if we offer the service you need? Give us a call!
Big or Small, Firkus does it all!
Trust The Firkus Plumbing Difference For Your Hot Water Needs!


Firkus is your number one choice when you need hot water now. We offer professional workmanship, expert on-time service and a written satisfaction guarantee. Since 1971, we’ve served the hot water needs of thousands of happy customers in the Bend and Central Oregon area. 

  • Same Day Service - We know hot water is important. We’ll make sure you can have hot water today.


  • All Major Brands And Models - We repair all brands and models of water heaters, not just a few of them.


  • New Installs - We install new water heaters too! We can help you choose from a variety of brand names. A few of our favorites are:


  • Recirculating Hot Water Pump System - You can have hot water instantly. Lower your monthly water bill by conserving water.


  • Expert Repairs - Whatever your hot water needs, from leaks to periodic maintenance, to valve safety checks, our experienced, licensed professionals are here to help you today!


  • Large Selection Of New Systems - Choosing the right hot water heater for your needs is a big decision. We can show you options that will give you continuous energy savings and hot water fast. We expertly install the best option for you.


  • We Make It Easy - We make replacing your water heater easy. We bring your new system, professionally install it and haul away your old one.


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Service - We offer on-time, professional service that is sure to delight you. We promise to be on time, professional, polite and friendly!


  • Industry-Leading Warranties - A great warranty provides years of trouble-free hot water. Let Firkus help you find the right system for you!


  • Latest Energy Saving Technologies - An energy-efficient water heater will help you save on utility costs year after year. Firkus Plumbing will help you choose the system that will give you the best performance and savings. We offer hybrid and tankless hot water systems too!

Go tankless and be amazed at the difference!


When it comes to your hot water needs in the Bend and surrounding areas, there is a solution that is more efficient, less expensive to run and more reliable: Tankless hot water technology. These water heaters are capable of providing you hot water on demand whenever you need it, for as long as you need it. And if you want the specialists in tankless hot water installation you'll want to speak to Firkus Plumbing for an estimate.

  • Endless Hot Water - you won't have to worry about being last into the shower with a whole house tankless hot water system. The system creates all its hot water on demand and in an instant.

  •  Save Energy - since hot water is only available on demand, there is no need for you to heat water throughout the day. In addition, there is also less heat loss that could improve your heater’s efficiency. Without realizing it, you are also helping protect the environment by choosing to go tankless.

  •  Save Money - with tankless water heaters, you can save on your utility bills (given equivalent usage), and benefit from the greater reliability of a tankless system. A tankless system will typically last three times longer than a tank system (i.e. you will need three tank systems over the same period, often because of rusting issues with the tanks).

Discover why thousands of homes and businesses have already chosen Firkus Plumbing for their drain & sewer needs!


When it comes to damaged or clogged drains and sewers in the Bend and Central Oregon areas, you can count on the rapid 24 hour response and expert service you receive from Firkus Plumbing. From drain clogs to root intrusions in your sewer lines, we'll be there fast with 100% satisfaction guaranteed service.

  • Latest Diagnostic Technology – To pinpoint the source of your problem accurately, including leak detection equipment and fiber-optic sewer cameras, saving you time and money.

  • Fast Clog Clearing - We can not only clear any blockages, but also clean the drain to help prevent further clogs with hydro jetting techniques.

  •  Drain & Sewer Repairs - We can find the problem and present you with a range of possible solutions. With drain and sewer work there is often a choice to make between temporary relief and a permanent solution.

  • Tree Root Specialists - We can help with tree root issues in your lines.

  • Video Inspections - We can perform a thorough drain video inspection of your lines that lets you see any issues for yourself.

  • New Lines, New City Sewer Connections - We can help you with the full installation of new sewer lines to your home.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections - If you’re buying a home it’s a good (and affordable) idea to have a CCTV camera inspection performed on the main lateral sewer service line. Many homes in the Central Oregon area have older pipes which are known to fail over time. You’re much better off discovering if there’s a problem before you negotiate your purchase price rather than afterward.



For everything from leaks to major catastrophes, you can rely on the expert workmanship of Firkus Plumbing for all your pipe related issues. Call today to find out why Firkus Plumbing is trusted by thousands in the Bend and Central Oregon!

  • Leak Detection - Fast 24 hour detection and diagnosis of all leaks.

  • Leak & Pipe Repairs - Firkus Plumbing provides expert repair of your leaking pipes.

  • Water Quality Issues - Corroded pipes can cause foul tasting or discolored water.

  • Water Pressure Issues - Water pressure issues, especially if intermittent, may be related to the building's water piping.

  • Gas Piping - Installation of new gas lines and gas appliance hookup. We install gas lines for outdoor firepits and natural gas barbecues as well as your indoor fireplace.

  • Frozen Pipes - Repair or replace pipes damaged by the harsh winters of Central Oregon. Frozen pipes can cause serious damage. Trust Firkus Plumbing to fix it fast and minimize the damage!

  • Noisy Pipes - Fix pipes that “bang” when faucets are turned off.

  • Code Compliance - We can help correct code violations, problematic or recurring plumbing issues.

For every type of gas piping, Firkus Plumbing can help.


When it comes to natural or medical gas piping Firkus Plumbing is fully qualified. Our service technicians are skilled in the art of installing and brazing copper pipe.


We also employ certified medical gas installers. Bend and surrounding areas already rely on Firkus Plumbing for great, professional service for their gas piping needs.

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